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Blizzard to Save Overwatch 2 Balance Changes for Season 2

2023-04-10 15:38
Blizzard won't adjust hero balance until Season 2 arrives in December.
Blizzard to Save Overwatch 2 Balance Changes for Season 2

Blizzard says Overwatch 2's hero balance won't be adjusted until the game enters its second season.

The developer says that win rates have been fairly balanced since the official release of Overwatch 2.

"While some heroes are performing better than others, and there are differences across player skill levels, we have been happy to see that no hero's overall power level is far out of line with our goals," the studio wrote in a blog post published Thursday.

"Every hero on the roster has a win-rate between 45% and 55%, and we are not planning any immediate balance changes based on what we are seeing, with the exception of a targeted adjustment to Zarya in Total Mayhem which should go live with our next major patch on October 25."

Certain heroes are attracting more attention from the balance team than others, with Zarya, Kiriko, Genji and Sombra potentially in line for nerfs. Doomfist, on the other hand, may receive a buff. Zarya's new flexibility around her bubbles had made it easier for her gain charge rapidly; Kiriko's movement make her the most survivable support in Overwatch; Genji began Season 1 with a dominating win rate, but has leveled out somewhat; Sombra's ability to hack opponents has made her especially threatening against tanks.

When Season 2 does arrive Dec. 6, the balance team hopes to ensure the game still feels balanced, but the new season has a distinct identity. To that end, the active maps will rotate with the new season, and a new hero will see release.

Blizzard has also apologized for a bug that caused certain players to be ranked lower than they deserved.

"We will continue to listen to player feedback as we strive to make Overwatch 2 the best game it can be, and we are looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks leading up to Season Two," the studio wrote.

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