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xQc decides to host 'Breaking Bad' watch party during Kick movie night even after being warned: 'We will see'

2023-06-21 13:29
xQc recently received a warning from a Kick about violating DMCA rules while watching 'The Dark Knight' on a live stream
xQc decides to host 'Breaking Bad' watch party during Kick movie night even after being warned: 'We will see'

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Felix Lengye aka xQc, made a significant change recently by switching from Twitch to Kick as his primary streaming platform, causing a commotion among his 11.5 million Twitch followers. Moreover, only after a few days of streaming on Kick, he received a warning from a staff member for streaming the movie 'The Dark Knight' as it could have been a potential violation of DMCA.

Even after the incident, xQc has assured his followers that he would host a watch party, where they plan to watch the highly acclaimed series 'Breaking Bad'. Fans are now speculating about the streamer's recent violation and expressing concerns. Keep reading to know how xQc plans on executing this new endeavor.

xQc plans on streaming ‘Breaking Bad' on Kick

Typically, xQc's content mainly revolves around hosting casual streams and playing games. However, since his transition to Kick, he decided to offer something special to his viewers. During one of his recent live streams on the platform, he announced hosting a movie night. He extended an invitation to his audience, inviting them to join him in watching the widely popular crime drama 'Breaking Bad'.

xQc said, “Tomorrow… We are planning to do a 'Breaking Bad' demo. We will give that a run there… For Movie Night”. He even expressed his fascination for the show, saying, “I’ve watched it three and a half times… So yeah… I’ve watched it a bunch of times." However, xQc was filled with uncertainty about his choice and so he eagerly awaited the response from his chat, saying, “We will see if Chat likes it.”

'Didn't Kick staff tell him to stop'

After watching xQc's stream, fans started to worry about the whole watch party situation due to the recent warning he received on the platform. After xQc uploaded a clip from the stream on YouTube, one fan stated, "Surely he bought some sort of broadcasting license." Another wrote, "100 million to fight all the dmca lawsuits, Clueless." "Surely he watched it without looking away," wrote one, while a fan added, "bro is watching the biggest show ever after being told not to stream big movies/shows JIGACHAD." "He'll need to have Clash Royale, Subway Surfers, and Temple Run covering 70% of the screen plus, every other trick to bypass ****," wrote on speculating how xQc might avoid another warning. One concerned fan wrote, "Didn't Kick staff tell him to stop watching last movie because of DMCA?"