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Will Blisk Join Apex Legends?

2023-04-10 15:38
Here's the latest details on whether or not Blisk will be joining the roster of playable characters in Apex Legends.
Will Blisk Join Apex Legends?

As most longtime members of the Apex Legends community can likely attest to, Kuben Blisk has long been a name that players have been murmuring about in hopes of seeing them become a playable Legend one day.

Blisk was formerly a deuteragonist in Respawn's Titanfall, and an antagonist in Titanfall 2. For the purposes of Apex Legends, as shown routinely in trailers for the series, Blisk is the leader of the Apex Predators mercenary corps and the commissioner of the Apex Games.

Here's the latest details on whether or not Blisk will be joining the roster of playable characters in Apex Legends.

Rumors of Blisk becoming a playable character in Apex Legends have quite literally been around since the early days of the game.

Over the years, multiple apparent leaks and teasers regarding Blisk have circulated, suggesting that it's only matter of when and not if the character will be added to the game.

In March 2021, a leak seemed to have revealed Blisk's abilities for Apex Legends, including an ultimate that would allow players to summon an Auto-Titan that would suppress the immediate area.

According to prominent Apex Legends leaker Thordan Smash this March, however, it appears that not only was Blisk in the mix to be released before or after the likes of what was revealed to be Newcastle and Vantage, but it appears his kit is undergoing major changes as well.

"I've got about three different sources that all say that the Titan ability has actually been moved on to someone else," Thordan Smash said in the video. "But he has been reworked completely.

"That auto-sentry Titan is very much still in the works. It just won't be coming with Blisk."

Ultimately, although Respawn Entertainment has yet to make such an announcement, it does appear that Blisk has a real shot of being one of the next Legends added to game.

Of course, that wouldn't be the first time Respawn brought a fan-favorite character from Titanfall to Apex, considering they did so with Ash in Season 11.

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