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When Andrew Tate called Bill Gates 'geek' and challenged his empire: 'Who even uses Windows? Nobody!'

2023-05-26 18:16
Andrew Tate argued that Bill Gates' massive net worth of $114B does not reflect a fulfilling life
When Andrew Tate called Bill Gates 'geek' and challenged his empire: 'Who even uses Windows? Nobody!'

Despite being banned from traditional social media channels, Andrew Tate has been freely expressing his opinions. His audacious critique of billionaire Bill Gates sparked a storm of controversy, fueling his reputation as a polarizing influencer with divisive views that are often labeled misogynistic and deemed harmful to children. Despite facing backlash, Tate maintains an unapologetically outspoken persona.

Tate's divisive nature often puts him in hot water, but he remains resolute. While he faced bans from major social media platforms due to the harmful nature of his content, his Twitter account remains active, thanks to the support of Elon Musk.


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'Who even uses Windows?'

In a daring video, Tate openly labeled Bill Gates a geek, arguing that the billionaire's massive net worth of $114B does not reflect a fulfilling life. Tate took it a step further by asserting that Windows is no longer in use, directly challenging the relevance of Gates' empire.

Tate boldly questioned the popularity of Windows, stating, “Who even uses Windows? Nobody! Windows is not a good product in 15 years.”

In his critique of those who reject ostentation, Tate singled out Bill Gates as an example. He highlighted Gates' preference for modest attire, emphasizing the tech mogul's frequent appearances in a simple sweater. Additionally, Tate challenged the notion of Windows being a groundbreaking product in recent years, asserting that it has failed to deliver anything remarkable over the past 15 years. This raised questions about the innovation and success of Gates' flagship software.

Andrew Tate: Beyond wealthy

In a candid live stream alongside Adin Ross, Andrew Tate shared insights into his humble origins, disclosing that wealth was not always a part of his life. However, Tate asserted that true wealth lies in intangible things that money cannot purchase.

Their paths crossed when Ross encountered Tate during a Twitch stream. Despite initial skepticism, Ross gradually connected with the messages Tate conveyed, eventually becoming a devoted follower and fan of the influencer. Tate has been open about his fortune to his fans.