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The Finals: 5 Tips for Getting Started

2023-06-14 00:23
The Finals is very different from other FPS games currently available: Here's how to adapt and become a better competitor.
The Finals: 5 Tips for Getting Started

Embark's game show FPS The Finals is having a Closed Beta test soon, and this one looks to be the biggest yet. On the surface, the game developed by Ex-DICE team members might look like a bog-standard multiplayer FPS, but it's actually quite a bit different from other games currently on the market. Here are five tips for new players (and returning ones) of The Finals.

Straight away, The Finals differentiates itself from hyper-popular battle royale and extraction shooters with its focus on objective-based gameplay. Teams earn points primarily from capturing Cashboxes and guarding them for a payout, with only modest sums awarded from frags. Adjusting to this kind of gameplay requires good teamwork and a shift in attitude that rewards timing and strategy rather than twitchy mousework.

The Finals: 5 Tips for Getting Started

1. Team Composition is Everything

Characters in The Finals fall under three different classes: Light, Medium and Heavy. Each class has different weapons, gadgets and special abilities. Teams aren't locked into having one of each class, and some combinations can be especially potent. For example, one popular composition in the first Closed Beta was three Medium players - this gave the team access to multiple defense turrets and solid mid- and close-ranged weapons that proved nightmarish to assault once the team got entrenched. In general, having one of each class is a solid choice, though, giving your team a range of utility options and weapons to adapt to conditions on the field.

2. Thievery is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

One of the most important lessons to learn in The Finals is that, quite literally, the last second is the only one that matters. Cashboxes pay out on a timer, giving a lump sum of points to the team who controls it when the timer expires. Cashboxes can also be stolen by enemy teams, meaning they have to be defended at all costs. Stealing a Cashbox right before it pays out not only denies a team a big bump in points and also removes the risk of playing defense. This means a Light player with a cloaking device and smoke grenades can slip into a Cashbox zone unnoticed, flip its control and sneak out with nobody the wiser.

3. Control Entrances and Exits

If your team does happen to be controlling a Cashbox, you want to create an environment that's as defensible as possible. The Medium class' turrets and The Heavy class' barricades can come in handy for blocking off "hard" entrances like doors, but teams should also be aware that not every foe will use a door. Enemies might blow their way in through the ceiling or drop the Cashbox through the floor, so preparing for every type of assault will go a long way for victory.

4. Use The Environment

Littered across The Finals' maps are environmental hazards and materials. A giant crane can be used as a sniper perch or swung around to make a bridge to a Cashbox, while an antique cannon can be used to demolish a building overlooking an important defensive position. Canisters and barrels are everywhere: goo can be used to make cover, while gas and fire can be used as impromptu weapons for shock and awe assaults. These items can be picked up and thrown or shot - with explosive results.

5. Blow Everything Up

No, really. It's fun and effective. Breaching Charges, C4 and RPGs can be used as weapons, but they are most effective at shaping the environment. Explosives can disorient foes and create new paths (or deny them), providing the opportunity for an attack on a well-entrenched enemy team. Blow up the floor under a Cashbox to bring it to your level, or breach a room from the ceiling to surprise opponents. Ziplines can be destroyed by blowing up their bases, eliminating one method of attack (or, if you're lucky, any enemies who happened to be riding it at the time). The Finals' server-side destruction means lag is almost non-existent when the bombs are going off, so go nuts!

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