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Sifu Update 1.08 Detailed

2023-04-10 15:38
Are you wondering what is included in the Sifu update? We have the information for you.
Sifu Update 1.08 Detailed

Along with fixes to sound design and art-related bugs, there have been changes to gameplay in the new Sifu 1.08 update. Sloclap, Sifu's developers, released a video and an article detailing their newest developments. Let's jump right in to the updates you will see in your game.

Sifu Update 1.08

Here are some of the gameplay updates, straight from Sloclap:

Design -Â Outfits:

  • Added an interactive wardrobe in the Wuguan for Outfit selection
  • Added 3 new outfits with unlock conditions

Design - Training room:

  • Added most of the in-game enemies types
  • Added the possibility to fight multiple enemies at once.
  • Added the possibility to redo the tutorial.Â

Design -Â Difficulty Settings:

Student Difficulty (Easy Mode) :

  • More life and structure for the Main Character
  • Enemies are less aggressive
  • Enemies are less reactive in defense
  • Simplified patterns for various archetypes and bosses
  • The Death Counter cannot beyond 1Â
  • Better shrine rewards

Disciple Difficulty (Normal Mode) :

  • The original Sifu experience

Master Difficulty (Hard Mode) :

  • Less life and structure for the Main Character
  • More life and structure for various enemies
  • Enemies are more aggressive
  • Enemies are more reactive in defense
  • New patterns for bosses

Design -Â Hotfixes:

  • Fixed the Juggernaut ability to retaliate while defending
  • Quicker post parry follow-up with various weapons
  • The camera is further away when surrounded by enemies during takedowns and focus

There is a lot to explore in the 1.08 patch, especially the altered difficulty settings. For more information on your favorite games, check out DBLTAP's coverage and guides.