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Oompaville accuses Logan Paul of CryptoZoo controversy, George Janko refutes claims: 'Watched it happen'

2023-09-16 16:52
Oompaville has accused Logan Paul of CryptoZoo scam whereas George Janko has said it was not his fault
Oompaville accuses Logan Paul of CryptoZoo controversy, George Janko refutes claims: 'Watched it happen'

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Caleb Hunter Phelps, an Australian content creator also known online by the moniker "Oompaville," has lately leveled new claims against Logan Paul.

Logan is now dealing with claims of utilizing fraudulent Pokémon cards amid continuous controversy over his failing cryptocurrency startup (CryptoZoo).

As a play-to-earn game focusing on NFTs, CryptoZoo was created. Players could gain a game-specific coin that they could use to buy eggs.

These might hatch to display numerous animal representations. Players may breed various animals to produce hybrids that could be traded for more in-game money.

What did Oompaville say about CryptoZoo controversy?

Logan Paul paid an astounding $3.5 million in December 2021 for what was allegedly a first edition Pokémon collectible box.

The box, which actually included GI Joe cards instead of Pokémon cards, was later shown to be fake.

Two years after the occurrence, Oompaville expressed worry that the circumstances could be more strange than first believed, relying on Rattle Pokemon's discoveries, and suggested that Logan and his crew may have been involved in or aware of the fake box.

Notably, Rattle Pokemon provided particular proof from the box, pointing out details like the lack of thermal markings and a barcode that ended with the letters “1E” (for the first edition), which were unusual.

The research team, which included professionals (presented as Steve and Michael), should have easily recognized these differences, according to Oompaville, who also claimed that the barcode and labeling were obvious evidence of the box's inauthenticity.

However, it appears that they did not.

Following the devastating loss, Logan and his group created the "Liquid Marketplace" website. Users have the option to buy shares in some of his collectibles here, noting a PSA-graded 1 of 1 Pokémon card that cost an astounding $900,000.

The YouTuber said that Liquid Marketplace was dubious since it allowed users to purchase shares in tangible objects, but they would only be partial owners of such objects.

Logan could have been able to keep both the object and the money (tokens) from share sales thanks to this arrangement.

Did George Janko defend Logan Paul?

Logan Paul has gained backing from a surprising source after receiving harsh criticism for his failed CryptoZoo project: George Janko, a former friend and business partner.

To put things in perspective, George used to be a member of the three that hosted Logan's ImPaulsive Podcast. They had a falling out earlier this year, which resulted in George leaving the group.

However, when the claims of a crypto "rug pull" surfaced and brought Logan to light, George was still a member of ImPaulsive. Nevertheless, despite the fact that their friendship had ended, on his own show.

“CryptoZoo is not his (Logan Paul's) fault,” he said.

In his most recent podcast, George Janko (who had YouTuber and streamer Jidon "JiDion" as a guest) remarked, “I'm gonna jump into this. It's gonna look like I'm d*ckriding but I'm not. It's like truly, I just speak the truth."

He added, "I don't point the fingers and I don't try to put sh*t on people that are not (guilty). I wanna make it very clear. Me and him (Logan) are not friends right now, (but) CryptoZoo was not his fault.”

“I was there when he found out (the allegations) and it looked like somebody shot through his chest. I felt like it is the right thing to do, to let people know that. If I know that, in my heart. Like, I watched it happen in front of me, I can't flame him for that,” he added.

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