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Nintendo patents suggest next console may support VR

2023-11-21 20:28
Nintendo could be bringing VR functionality to their next console after they filed some patents which included the technology.
Nintendo patents suggest next console may support VR

Nintendo's next console could support VR.

The Japanese company recently filed a patent for a new virtual reality device, which suggest they may be considering incorporating the technology into their upcoming products.

Nintendo, the studio behind classics like 'Mario' and 'The Legend of Zelda', is renowned for experimenting with cutting-edge technology in their gaming consoles, such as the revolutionary motion controls in the Wii, and the hybrid portability of their most recent product, the Switch.

According to publicly-issued filings, the patent describes "an image display system" which appears to look like goggles, similar to that of the Meta Quest or the PlayStation VR headsets.

The difference between those devices and the patent Nintendo filed, however, is that the image shows that the user will need to hold the product up to their face, with their being no sign of a headband that is present on its competitors' offerings.

The patent filings on the Nintendo product are listed under several classifications, including optical systems or apparatus, video games, stereotypical video games and 3D model manipulation tools.

Further descriptions of the device include data monitoring, such as head-tracking and eye-tracking, virtual cameras with changing parameters, mixed reality with images for computer graphics and a head-mounted heads-up display.

The device could be the long-rumoured Switch 2, which will reportedly boast major technical upgrades when compared to the original console.