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Mizkif's debut Rumble stream viewership drastically falls compared to his Twitch numbers

2023-05-31 14:24
If you're curious to learn more about the recent Stream Chart updates concerning Mizkif, read on
Mizkif's debut Rumble stream viewership drastically falls compared to his Twitch numbers

Matthew Rinaudo aka Mizkif recently entered into an exclusive contract with the live-streaming platform, Rumble. However, in the latest Stream Charts update, it was observed that Mizkif’s viewership on the Rumble stream was less when compared to the viewership of Twitch.

Rumble is a video-sharing platform that has gained popularity as a preferred choice for content creators seeking a fresh streaming experience. Mizkif is a well-known gaming streamer with an impressive following of over 2 million on Twitch and 1.2 million on TikTok. He is also a co-founder of OTK. If you're curious to learn more about the recent stream chart updates concerning Mizkif, read on.

Stream Charts' update on Mizkif’s viewership

StreamCharts is a platform used to track the data of various live-streaming websites and personalities. Recently they have shared the data of Mizkif from Rumble stream, who recently signed to the platform. The official Twitter of StreamCharts tweeted, “9 160 peak viewership during @REALMizkif first stream at @rumblevideo, The average viewership number was on 8k mark during 4 hours broadcast."

Mizkif's recent streaming data on Twitch reveals an average viewership of 20,653 during the past 30 days. On the other hand, his presence on Rumble is significantly lower, with only 8.1k followers and 8k views. It is evident that his viewership on Rumble is declining in comparison to Twitch.

Rumble's rising influence

Rumble is steadily gaining momentum by securing notable talent and increasing viewership through recent signings. The viewership on Kick has experienced a significant surge in the past few months, and it appears that Rumble could be the next platform to emerge as a preferred destination for upcoming streamers.

An effective strategy in the ongoing battle for platform supremacy is to attract streamers who already boast large and established audiences. By offering exclusive streaming opportunities, platforms aim to entice these streamers' followers to join their platforms. Earlier this year, Kick pursued this tactic by signing GMHikaru, with the intention of tapping into his extensive fan base. Following suit, Rumble has also made significant signings, including well-known personalities like Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed. Moreover, there is another notable announcement on the horizon, suggesting that Rumble's influence and impact are growing stronger with each new high-profile signing.

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