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Minecraft 1.20 Update Introduces Cherry Blossom Biome

2023-04-10 15:38
Minecraft 1.20 adds a new cherry blossom biome alongside other new features.
Minecraft 1.20 Update Introduces Cherry Blossom Biome

Minecraft 1.20 will introduce a brand new biome, cherry blossom, to the popular survival video game.

The cherry blossom biome will arrive in Minecraft update 1.20 along with other features such as the Sniffer and the new Archaeology feature.

"Are you ready for Minecraft 1.20 to bring a rare, and above all PINK, biome to the Overworld!? You better be, because the cherry blossom biome will be coming soon to Java snapshots and Bedrock betas and previews," Sofia Dankis said in a press release on the Minecraft website.

Minecraft 1.20 Update Introduces Cherry Blossom Biome

"This beautiful biome is filled with cherry blossom trees that bring a unique look to the horizon as their crowns are big and flat, like fluffy pink clouds. It’s no wonder that three adorable mobs, pigs, sheep, and bees, are drawn to them and will spawn in this biome. The cherry tree can be broken down into a full wood-set as well as crafted into the new hanging sign that is also coming in Minecraft 1.20! You can also find cherry tree saplings in the biome, so you can plant them wherever you want," Dankis said.

Players can test out the cherry blossom biome and more in a Java snapshot coming soon, according to a tweet on the Minecraft Twitter account. For more information on how to access the Java snapshot, click here.

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