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Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Release Date

2023-09-19 05:46
Here's when Luigi's Mansion 2 HD will come out.
Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Release Date

The Sept. 2023 Nintendo Direct showcased several exciting games coming this year and the next. These titles include Paper Mario and Princess Peach: Showtime. Nintendo Switch gamers will also get to go ghost hunting as Mario's brother in Luigi's Mansion 2 HD.

This game is a remastered version of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, originally released for the Nintendo 3DS. People are excited about the improved graphics and want to know when they can play the spooky adventure title.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Release Date

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD is scheduled to come to the Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2024. Nintendo will probably announce a set release date closer to that time next year.

The game is set in Evershade Valley, where many friendly spirits hang out. The ghosts become hostile when the Dark Moon shatters, and its pieces scatter across the land. It's Luigi's job to find all Dark Moon shards as he visits multiple haunted mansions, solves puzzles, and captures disturbed spirits. Of course, that's easier said than done.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD will feature local and online co-op, though they aren't available in the main story. Up to four players can participate in the ScareScraper and face several challenges together. Both modes will require each player to have their own system and game. Online mode also requires a Nintendo Switch Online membership and a Nintendo Account.

Pre-orders aren't available yet, but we'll let you know when they are.

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