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How to Pre-Load The Callisto Protocol: Times, Platforms

2023-04-10 15:38
Everything you need to know about pre-loading Krafton's upcoming game, The Callisto Protocol.
How to Pre-Load The Callisto Protocol: Times, Platforms

The Callisto Protocol, Krafton's upcoming survival horror game, is releasing this week. Here's what to know about pre-loading for every console it will be playable on.

Set in the distant future, The Callisto Protocol centers around the story of Jacob Lee, who finds himself thrown into a galactic prison on Jupiter's moon. The game will be an intense horror experience, as developers wanted to make the "scariest game on next-gen platforms", capitalizing on the capabilities of immersive graphics.

The game will release on Dec. 2 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, and PC. If you've preordered the game, here's what to do to get started on pre-loading to play right at its release.

How to Pre-Load The Callisto Protocol


The Callisto Protocol will be available for pre-load on Nov. 30.


The game can reportedly be pre-loaded on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but there is no information if preordering the game on Steam will allow for a pre-load as well. The following are its file sizes:

  • Xbox One and Series S|X : 46.28 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 42.78 GB
  • PC: 75 GB

File size information for the PlayStation 4 is not yet available.

The Callisto Protocol's Day One Edition is $59.99 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and is $69.99 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X. Also available for preorder is a Collector's Edition for all platforms with exclusive add-ons.

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