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How to Catch Zorua in Pokémon GO

2023-04-10 15:38
After experiencing a delay, Zorua has finally made it to Pokémon GO. Here is a guide on how to catch the Tricky Fox Pokémon.
How to Catch Zorua in Pokémon GO

For the first time in Pokémon GO, trainers have the opportunity to catch Zorua! After experiencing a delay in its release, Zorua has finally made its debut in the game. As it's only available during Pokémon GO’s Halloween Event, trainers have until Nov. 1 at 10 a.m. local time to get their hands on the Tricky Fox Pokémon.

Zorua was introduced into the franchise in Generation Five in the Unova region. Known for its signature ability, Illusion, Zorua is able to disguise itself as a different Pokémon when heading into battle. Unfortunately, there are no in-battle abilities in Pokémon GO, but its typing and moveset make Zorua a worthwhile addition to any team.

Zorua is a Dark-type Pokémon, making it vulnerable to Fairy, Bug and Fighting-type moves and strong against Psychic, Ghost, and Dark-type moves. In Pokémon GO, Zorua’s fast moves include Feint Attack and Scratch, and its charged moves are Foul Play, Dark Pulse, and Aerial Ace. For 50 Zorua Candy, trainers are able to evolve Zorua into the stronger Zoroark.

How to Catch Zorua in Pokémon GO

There’s a chance you might not have even realized you’ve come across Zorua in Pokémon GO. Though Zorua cannot use its Illusion ability in battle, it is able to use it in the wild. Similar to Ditto, Zorua is able to disguise itself as different Pokémon when roaming the wild, and, when caught, it will reveal itself.

Zorua will mask as your Buddy Pokémon, so a trick when searching for it in the wild would be to use a shiny Pokémon. This way, it will be easy to point out Zorua as it will not be in the Pokémon's shiny form.

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