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Guess the Wikipedia Page in ‘Redactle’—The Toughest Wordle Alternative Yet

2023-04-10 15:38
Games like Wordle are a dime a dozen these days—but Redactle is a special stumper.
Guess the Wikipedia Page in ‘Redactle’—The Toughest Wordle Alternative Yet

When it comes to games like Wordle, there’s one to fit just about every person’s interests. If you’ve memorized each Pokémon, you’ll dominate Squirdle. For Swifties, there’s Taylordle. Star Wars fans have SWordle and Star Wordle. Geography geeks get Worldle and Globle. The list is seemingly endless.

But what if your near-encyclopedic knowledge isn’t confined to a particular fandom or topic? What if your friends and family fondly refer to you as a walking, talking Wikipedia—an identity you reinforce every time you gleefully rappel down yet another Wikipedia rabbit hole?

For you, there’s Redactle. As Lifehacker explains, it’s about as big in scope as Wordle is small. Basically, you’re shown one of 10,000 Wikipedia pages from level four of the site’s “vital articles” breakdown (more important and less numerous than those in level five, but less important and more numerous than anything in levels one through three).

In Redactle, though, most of the page has been—in an utterly predictable twist—redacted. All you see are prepositions, articles, and some other common words (like then, if, and is). It’s your job to guess enough of the rest of the words that you can eventually determine the title of the page. Using context clues from the outset might not get you very far; you might be better off just typing in random terms until you happen upon a promising lead. If you eventually throw in the towel, you can come back the next day and tap ‘Info’ to reveal the previous day’s answer.

Try your hand at today’s Redactle here.

[h/t Lifehacker]

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