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Fortnite Guardian Zone Control Explained

2023-04-10 15:38
Fortnite's Guardian Zone Control is a new game mode part of the Destiny 2 collaboration.
Fortnite Guardian Zone Control Explained

If you're looking for a quick explanation of Fortnite's Guardian Zone Control, look no further.

Fortnite's Guardian Zone Control is a new game mode that comes as a result of the foretold Epic Games x Destiny 2 collaboration. The partnership, which features Destiny-themed skins in Fortnite as well as additinol Epic title Fall Guys, and Fortnite themed skins within Destiny 2, is part of a combined marketing effort that promotes the recent arrival of Destiny 2 to the Epic Games Store.

Fortnite Guardian Zone Control Explained

Guardian Zone Control allows Fortnite players to play a Destiny-style 5-v-5 match in which the first team to achieve 200 points is crowned the victor. Points can be scored by capturing 'zones' or by killing players on the opposing team.

The map, which is a Fortnite-styled recreation of the popular Destiny map Javelin-4. Players can access the map and the game mode through Fortnite's Creative mode by entering the Island code: 0642-9767-7225.

Before the game begins, Fortniters choose from one of the three Destiny classes of Hunter, Warlock, or Titan. Each class corresponds to a different load out that is somewhat in line with the classes Destiny capabilities.

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