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Forsen: The TRUTH behind why streamer was banned from Twitch

2023-04-27 18:00
Forsen's Twitch ban causes stir among gamers on Twitter after the streamer revealed the reason for the week-long ban
Forsen: The TRUTH behind why streamer was banned from Twitch

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Forsen, a popular Twitch streamer, recently disclosed the reason for his temporary suspension from the platform in a tweet. The Swedish streamer, whose real name is Sebastian Fors, stated that he violated Twitch's terms of service by live-streaming a "dubious" YouTube video.

Forsen has gained a significant following of over one million users on Twitch, starting with his participation in Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone tournaments. However, he has since diversified his content to include various games and activities. Forsen recently made headlines by achieving a record-breaking Minecraft speedrun, beating xQc's previous record in a highly-publicized rivalry between the two streamers.


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Reason for Forsen's recent Twitch ban revealed

Forsen's sudden suspension from Twitch on April 20 caught many of his fans off guard. The Swedish streamer has a history of pushing the boundaries of Twitch's guidelines, so his viewers speculated on the reason for his ban. However, the cause was not officially disclosed. The ban is set to last for only one week, with the streamer potentially returning to Twitch on April 27.

Forsen himself revealed on Twitter on April 24, that he was suspended for watching an ASMR YouTube video during his last stream that contained explicit content. Despite not explicitly stating the video that led to Forsen's recent Twitch ban, many fans speculate that it was an AI-generated ASMR video from a popular VTuber containing explicit content. Forsen is no stranger to Twitch suspensions, having faced an indefinite ban in late 2020 for sharing an explicit GIF of a horse. While initially thought to be a DMCA takedown, the ban lasted for a month. In comparison, the latest ban, which lasts for one week, is much less severe. Forsen revealed, "forgot to tweet, I'm banned cause of the dubious asmr youtube videos for 1 week. Unlucky."

How Forsen's followers may have contributed to the ban?

Forsen's Twitch bans have not only been a result of his streamed content but also due to his followers' actions. In 2022, Forsen was banned from PUBG twice within a week, with his fanbase believed to be the cause. Although not officially confirmed, many speculated that either Forsen's or his rival's community reported him repeatedly, leading to automatic bans on his profile without an initial review process. Although Forsen has a history of streaming questionable content, this latest ban may prompt him to moderate his content moving forward.

Reacting to the ban one user wrote, "48 hours since forsen's ban, started sending some applications for a job, it's over." While another wrote, "It's a protest because of forsen's ban so is gonna be a shitshow."

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