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Does xQc gamble? When and how did pro Twitch streamer lose nearly $1M?

2023-06-03 12:45
After setting the Big Win record for 'The Wild Machine' and winning over $800K, xQc lost his money due to a server error
Does xQc gamble? When and how did pro Twitch streamer lose nearly $1M?

Felix 'xQc' is a well-known Twitch streamer. He invested heavily in online gambling and was among the top sponsored gamblers on the platform. Unfortunately, he faced severe restrictions on the website in October 2022. Prior to this, his gambling habit saw him win and lose enormous sums of money. For instance, he once bet on Slot games and won and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sadly, in June 2022, Felix lost almost a million dollars while gambling on A website glitch wiped away his earnings, causing a colossal loss.

Even though the enormous loss bothered him a lot, xQc persisted in streaming for months under the Twitch genre of Slots. This loss was one of his biggest wins in the gambling game 'The Wild Machine,' which was worth over $800,000.

Does xQc gamble?

The popular streamer xQc has been involved in gambling on his streams for quite some time now. However, this has been met with criticism as many argue that it encourages gambling and could lead to addiction.

The Just Chatting streamer of the year has continued to bet on stream, whether it is on traditional games like 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' that includes a loot box mechanic similar to gambling or on cryptocurrency gambling platforms like Stake.

xQc lost $825K gambling on due to a server glitch

The precise moment the Canadian streamer lost roughly a million dollars while playing slots on is captured in the nearly 30-thousand-view Twitch video named "gamba gamba gamba." He was a sponsored streamer who frequently mixed his hours of gambling with other game streams.

xQc attempted to hit it big on 'The Wild Machine' on and managed to set a world record for the 'Big Win,' resulting in a whopping $825K profit. Unfortunately, fate had other plans as a server error caused him to lose everything. Understandably, xQc was left devastated and upset by the massive loss. Nevertheless, he tried to stay positive by acknowledging that he probably would've lost the money anyway.

The streamer had a strong reaction, yelling and blaming himself for erasing his nearly $1 million world record earnings.

"No! What did I do, f*ck I am so f*cking stupid. F*ck I am so stupid. F*ck!" xQc exclaimed pulling his hair and flailing his body.

The former 'Overwatch' pro was inconsolable at the mishap for a short while before switching to other games. He also had a bad time there after being banned from a Day Z server and accused of stream-sniping one of the admins.