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Does Hypercharge: Unboxed Have Crossplay?

2023-04-10 15:38
Here's a breakdown of whether or not Hypercharge: Unboxed has crossplay.
Does Hypercharge: Unboxed Have Crossplay?

Does Hypercharge: Unboxed have crossplay?

Now that momentum is building for action figure first/third-person shooter, Hypercharge: Unboxed, it's perhaps no surprise that many are wondering whether or not the game supports cross-platform play. As such, here's a breakdown of whether or not Hypercharge: Unboxed has crossplay.

Is Hypercharge: Unboxed Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, at the time of publication, Hypercharge: Unboxed does not support crossplay.

As Digital Cybercherries' Hypercharge: Unboxed Nintendo Switch FAQ page reads, crossplay is, however, "something we may implement in the future."

Hypercharge: Unboxed has been on PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch since 2020, but is really starting make some major momentum in recent months.

A key factor in its growth moving forward is that its development team is on the smaller side, so it can’t move as quickly as a major AAA developer.

For instance, in addition to crossplay, Digital Cybercherries are exploring adding things like optional lower-quality 60 FPS modes and in-game voice chat, as well as bringing the game to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S at some point in the future.

Hypercharge: Unboxed currently has two modes flanked by its signature suburban home environments.

Its Defend mode invites 1-4 players (via online, split-screen and local co-op) to fortify and defend against "nasty" hordes of weaponized toys.

Meanwhile, its PvP mode is an up-to-eight-player free-for-all mode.

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