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Apex Legends Wraith Armory Trick Allows for Easy Ambushes

2023-04-10 15:38
This Apex Legends trick allows Wraith players to ambush enemies in Armories.
Apex Legends Wraith Armory Trick Allows for Easy Ambushes

Apex Legends players have discovered a new trick when playing as Wraith. Storm Point, the game's only map with armories, serves as an easy place for Wraith mains to quickly gain an advantage on enemies.

While armories can be a tricky ambush spot as they close once entered, Reddit users have quickly discovered a way to set a trap inside an armory before enemy players enter. Although the trick can only be done with Wraith, it also requires her Ultimate, so those looking to use it will need to have some practice beforehand.

When the armory closes, using Wraith's ultimate above it is key to successfully using the trick. The first portal will go on top of the armory, where the ceiling opens, and the second will go wherever you can ambush those inside successfully.

It's important to keep in mind that it will need to be timed correctly, as the portals may expire if placed too early. Additionally, portals placed outside of the ring will also have a reduced duration, so taking the time to find a correct spot is essential. If done correctly, players inside the armory will immediately go through Wraith's portal once the ceiling opens, creating an excellent opportunity to attack.

Teaming up with allies to place more traps around the armory helps the trick work—Crypto mains who are familiar with the map also have access to a deadly trick for ambushes. Overall, skill and patience are necessary to maximize each legend's abilities here.

This article was originally published on dbltap as Apex Legends Wraith Armory Trick Allows for Easy Ambushes.