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Apex Legends Lunar New Year Skins Leak 2023

2023-04-10 15:38
Apex Legends Lunar New Year Skins leak for 2023 including Wattson and the R-99.
Apex Legends Lunar New Year Skins Leak 2023

Apex Legends Lunar New Year skins have been leaked by SomeoneWhoLeaks on Twitter.

Apex Legends, much like most popular live service video games, feature special in-game events around seasons and holidays. Lunar New Year looks to be the next major Apex Legends event and there's been some new cosmetics leaked on social media.

SomeoneWhoLeaks posted two cosmetics: a skin for Wattson and an R-99 weapon skin.

Apex Legends Lunar New Year Skins Leak 2023

SomeoneWhoLeaks indicated that Wattson's new Lunar New Year skin will be part of the Collection Event. The skin features a light blue theme and looks to be a fan-favorite as a new option for players.

The R-99 Lunar New Year Collection Event skin feature a black and gold theme with flowers and fireworks. The R-99 skin also looks like it'll be extremely popular, if not one of the all-time popular skins released for a Collection Event.

According to SomeoneWhoLeaks, fans should expect the event trailer and patch notes either Tuesday, Jan. 3 or Thursday, Jan. 5. SomeoneWhoLeaks also noted that it could also be the Magic Witch event, but that it would be odd if it wasn't Lunar New Year.

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