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Apex Legends Leaks Reveal Halloween-Themed LTM Map

2023-04-10 15:38
Apex Legends data miners have uncovered evidence of a new, haunted version of Olympus coming to the game.
Apex Legends Leaks Reveal Halloween-Themed LTM Map

An Apex Legends data miner has discovered evidence of a new Halloween event that appears poised to bring new limited-time mode map called Haunted Estates on which players will be able to play Gun Run.

The data miner, AG420, also discovered the map will be a shadowy version of the map Olympus in the vein of the Kings Canyon After Dark map introduced in 2020. Their discoveries also indicated the Haunted Estates map would first appear in-game Oct. 10 and stay available to play in Gun Run for a week. It will be preceded by a week of Shadow Royale, and followed by a week of Control, which in turn will be followed by another week of Shadow Royale.

A possible lore event may begin the same day Haunted Estates hits the game, but the event's actual finale won't start until Oct. 19. It will run until Nov. 1.

A second Apex Legends data miner, iLootGames, showed off Haunted Estates assets he mined from the game. The Pathfinder Town Takeover has been replaced by a spooky, Revenant-focused version of the Point of Interest.

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has yet to confirm plans for a Halloween event.

This article was originally published on dbltap as Apex Legends Leaks Reveal Halloween-Themed LTM Map.